Business Intelligence for the Localization Industry

Gain unprecedented insights

Is your organization restricted due to the lack of business insight you can gleam from your business systems? Let Loquell provide the insight you need to run your business effectively.

– Cost-Effective Business Intelligence as a Service
– Ingest data from multiple sources, TMS and ERP systems
– Powerful business insights at your fingertips

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

You don’t want yet another system? But you Want to have a secure, effective and efficient system nevertheless? Loquell provides your system as a service with zero hassle!

– Hosted Business Intelligence
– Outsourced Operation
– Integration provided on demand

Integration by Loquell

You need the Business Intelligence integrated with your ERP and TMS systems as well as your full localization workflow. Loquell will integrate with your systems as needed.

– Integration provided by Loquell
– Custom Software Development provided
– Operation provided by Loquell

Localization Enabled

To help you gain insight into your localization business, you need a partner who understands your localization business and business intelligence. And that’s what Loquell does.

– Business Intelligence designed for localization
– Custom reports designed for your business
-Professional Support