Language and Content Operations Solutions

Business Intelligence

Is your organization restricted due to the lack of business insight you can gleam from your business systems? Let Loquell provide the insight you need to run your business effectively.

– Cost-Effective Business Intelligence as a Service
– Ingest data from multiple sources, TMS and ERP systems
– Powerful business insights at your fingertips

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Are you in the localization industry and is IT not your “cup of team”? Want to have a secure, effective and efficient IT system nevertheless? Loquell provides your system as a service with zero hassle!

– TMS and ERP systems as a service, private or public cloud
– Multilingual customer support
– Language Engineering at your fingertips

Language Engineering

Ranging from integrations, format coversions, term or concept extration to complex natural language processing (NLP) or machine learning (ML) enabled workflows, Loquell is your partner.

– Language engineering for LSP’s
– Complex Langauge Engineering Workflows
– Content Operations & Data Anonymization

Localization Services

Finding the right localization partner with the right capabilities at the right cost base is a challenge. Our team of experts knows the global marketplace and helps you find the right partner(s).

– Localization marketplace and matching
– Outsourced localization project management
-Localization Business Development Support