Smart Source your Localization Services

Fit for purpose

Not every organization has the capabilities to find the right suppliers from a global talent pool and ensure a fit with your needs. Loquell matches you with the right suppliers.

– The right supplier for the job
– Matched with your business needs

Aligned with your workflow

Suppliers need to integrate into your supply chain, not the other way round. Loquell identifies the partners that provide the services you seek but also fit in with your supply chain processes.

– Skill matching
– Integrated with your workflow

The right partner for the job

Localization is important to your business, but not your core business. You need a partner who helps you reach your business goal. Loquell helps to find the right partner for the job.

– Alignment with your needs
– Domain specific and proven skills

Global Sourcing

Localization is a global business by definition. You may or may not care where your suppliers are based as long as they are vetted and deliver on time, spec and budget. And that’s what Loquell helps you find.

– Tapping into a global resource pool
– Keeping your business needs in mind