Manage your entire
global content workflow

Loquell offers a single solution that enables you to optimize, gain transparency into, and take control of the entire global content workflow.

The comprehensive Loquell solution connects process, technology, and services for global content — from creation to delivery.



t.hub is the technology platform that enables complete management of your global content workflow. t.hub provides transparency into each of your projects — from content creation to approvals, from translation projects to new content formats.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace provides vetted resources for the many tasks that are part of the global content workflow. Loquell understands the wide variety of talent you need to succeed in each piece of it.

Bespoke Services

Most organizations face day-to-day technology challenges. These challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Managers at every level suffer the headache of finding company-internal resources to solve these challenges… regardless of the issue’s complexity or duration.

Loquell optimizes your content operations


t.hub ties together each piece of the content workflow. Technology agnostic, t.hub sits above your company’s underlying systems. t.hub optimizes the content operation process by providing transparency into each phase. This enables global organizations to operate more cohesively; gain better insight into KPIs and financials; and better monitor traceability and compliance.

Additional specific value-adds of t.hub include:

  • Creation and improved traceability of approval chains
  • Real-time data dashboards
  • Improved tracking of global projects and delivery dates
  • Connection of global content workflow infrastructure components
  • Proactive examination of the full process workflow
  • Cost reduction via the elimination of duplicate or standalone processes

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is a central location to select and manage the critical vendor resources that create, manipulate, and translate your global content. Don’t have t.hub? No worries. The marketplace is open to everyone.

Additional specific value-adds of The Marketplace include:

  • Increased visibility into specific resource costs
  • Traceability back to specific resources
  • Real-time vendor cost calculations
  • A single location to manage payment to vendor resources

Bespoke Services

Bespoke Services give you the opportunity to quickly and efficiently solve large and small technology challenges. We know we can help you move forward.

Additional specific value-adds of Bespoke Services include:

  • Expertise in more esoteric technology challenges
  • Optimization via increased integration between systems
  • Headache Reduction: Eliminates the need to beg for resources you need for your projects



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