Strategy Development in a Digital World

Strategy Development in a Digital World

The digital age is characterized by rapid technological advancements and ever-changing market dynamics. It’s no surprise that many companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. As Dan Schulman and Frank D’Souza have pointed out, relying solely on past successes and failing to embrace digital transformation can be a significant impediment to a company’s future success. Developing effective digital strategies is crucial to remaining agile and staying ahead of the competition.

While some may see digital strategies and digital transformation as separate initiatives, they are, in fact, essential components of overall business strategy. However, developing these strategies requires additional considerations and information to inform the decision-making process. The pace at which the digital ecosystem evolves and the scarcity of digital knowledge within organizations can make digital strategy development challenging.

Fortunately, our partner Intelium has developed a framework approach that supports effective digital strategy development. In this whitepaper, they review the (digital) strategy process and provide insights gained from years of customer engagements. The approaches proposed have been honed over time, and Intelium has taken inspiration from other thought leaders in the field.

If you’re looking to support your own digital journey, we encourage you to download the white paper via the link provided. The insights presented could help you develop an effective digital strategy that will help your business thrive in the digital age. Remember, in today’s era of volatility, agility is the only sustainable advantage you can have over others.

Download the white paper via this link