ContentOps – agile businesses need agile business insight

ContentOps – agile businesses need agile business insight

In our last blog we covered the basics of LanguageOps and ContentOps; two concepts that you should be aware of if you are involved in creating or managing content development and publishing within your business.

A new and innovative generation of ContentOps tools, such as Loquell’s t.hub, have emerged over the past years, assisting organizations in managing their content operations workflows efficiently, effectively, and holistically, across global organizations, as well as effectively managing their supplier base.

Once processes are managed within a single system holistically and across content tasks, a unique opportunity is presented to organizations to analyze their content operations and start enhancing them. A holistic workflow offers data across all business processes that have related content tasks. With this data in hand, operators now have the ability to run business intelligence on ContentOps, aiming to maintain key business metrics and drive improvements based on insights and facts.

While Loquell’s t.hub workflow and the Loquell marketplace provide the data, Loquell’s Business iQ helps you gain the insights you need. It is the first generic business intelligence (BI) offering that has tailored to include the ability to monitor and manage not only your traditional workflows, but also your Content Operation. Understanding where efficiency can be gained, costs can be saved or how product launches can be accelerated are at your fingertips. In addition, the platform provides you with the ability to understand, and forecast the success of new offerings before launching them, based on actual data from your organization and/or 3rd party data.

Effective optimization requires insight, insight requires data. ContentOps and Business iQ are enablers of agile, effective, and “fit for purpose” content delivery processes.