Business Analytics and Data Visualization made easy

Business Analytics and Data Visualization made easy

Having access to up to date, easy to grasp and up to date management information is a key requirement for any management team. It is the tool that provides you with the insight and understanding of the business’ performance, but also helps you identify opportunities and risks. Unfortunately, many industries and use cases have so far lacked access to an easy to use and affordable platform that can provide relevant business information in real time from one or more sources at your fingertips – until now.

Just as Loquell has addressed the need for a holistic content operations workflow across your entire business with Loquell’s t.hub, Loquell’s newly released Business iQ provides your business with the business intelligence across your workflow.

Loquell’s Business iQ provides you with the Business Intelligence (BI) solution that is simple and fast to stand up, simple to use, informative and visually attractive as well as being cost effective. Business iQ provides easy and pleasant ways to analyze and visualize any type of data set; from machine learning to operations, sales, or even population data such as in the example provided below.

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Image: Sample Dashboard using Open Data

The general expectation by many organizations is that Business Intelligence (BI) platforms must be expensive by definition – they don’t, and Loquell’s Business iQ proves that. What often does affect cost, is the effort required for integration with existing data sources and the development of reports. That’s why Business iQ comes with integrations into the most common databases as well as the ability to ingest CSV or Excel based data out of the box. Furthermore, the development of dashboards is simple for anyone who knows how to work with Excel or similar tools while developers with experience in SQL (databases) can create complex queries using SQL.

An important lesson for anyone implementing a BI tool, however, is that once you and your team get started with BI and start to experience the power of it, new ideas and requests will follow. For that reason, it is not uncommon to start with a small MVP and an initial set of data and then, as the organization learns how to use the tool more effectively, continue to develop the platform in an agile manner to cover additional business questions and use cases.

Business iQ lets you do just that. You can simply start with an instance and a basic set of data that we help you load and then evolve in a step-by-step fashion from there. Given that the platform is based extensively on Open Source components, you can benefit from the community as well as the work that Loquell has done to get you started quickly.