Privacy Policy

Loquell Privacy Policy 

1. Introduction 

This Loquell Privacy Policy forms part of Loquell B.V.’s System Terms of Use (“TOU”). Defined terms in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in the TOU. 

Privacy is important to Loquell and its Users. 

Please take a moment to read Loquell’s Privacy Policy to see how Loquell protects your privacy. 

Your access to and use of the System is conditional upon your acceptance of and compliance with the TOU. By accessing the System, you are deemed to agree to, and you agree to comply with, the TOU. Registered Users and Registered Organisations are required to accept the TOU expressly as part of their User registration process. This Privacy Policy forms part of the TOU. 

Loquell may amend the TOU at any time in its sole, absolute discretion. Please review the TOU now and refer to the most recent version periodically in the “About t.hub” section on the System. When Loquell posts an amended TOU in that location, you are deemed to have been notified of it. 

This Privacy Policy addresses with the following topics: 

(a) Coverage of this Privacy Policy 

(b) Receipt of Information from You 

(c) Use of Your Information 

(d) Protection and Disclosure of Information 

(e) Protection of Others’ Information 

2. Coverage of this Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy covers how Loquell handles the information it receives from you, including information on your surfing behaviour and certain Personal Information you provide to Loquell if you register on the System.  

In order to comply with applicable law, Loquell is required to collect certain Personal Information from you when you register as a User. 

3. Receipt of Information from You 

Loquell is required to collect certain Personal Information from you when you register on the System. This information includes your full legal name, the full legal name and legally registered address of your Registered Organisation, your e-mail address, your phone number and your IP address. 

When you are on the System, Loquell also receives information from your computer and web browser, including your IP address, cookie information, and your computer’s software and hardware attributes. Loquell records your IP address every time you log on to the System and keeps a log of this information for a period of time. 

A cookie is information that your web browser accepts from the websites you browse and stores on your computer’s hard drive. It often contains information known as an “anonymous unique identifier”. After your browser accepts a cookie, the website’s computers are able to identify your computer as you browse that website. This allows for continuity of service. 

Loquell may place a cookie and similar information on your computer as you browse to assist in identifying you on the System during your browsing session and also to assist in providing information and services to you. This is a normal function of your computer and web browser, and the use of cookies and other devices is a technical and industry standard process for such purposes. You may configure your browser so that it does not accept cookies. However, if you do so, you may find it very difficult to browse the web and our System and to interact with others online. 

4. Use of Your Information  

Loquell uses cookies in an industry standard way in order to provide information and services to you and generally to make your experience on the System more convenient, efficient and enjoyable. 

Loquell uses the information it collects from you in order to: 

(a) customise the Content and services you see and receive on the System and any services you may receive if you are a Registered Organisation and you access the Private portion of the System, 

(b) fulfil your requests for information, services and products, and improve services on the System and elsewhere, 

(c) contact you, and 

(d) conduct research and analysis. 

5. Protection and Disclosure of Information 

Loquell does not sell, rent, share or otherwise provide your Personal Information to or with third parties, except in the following circumstances: 

(a) to Loquell’s and its affiliates’ employees who need the information in order to do their jobs and to provide the information or services you have requested; 

(b) to trusted agents or partners of Loquell who need the information in order to provide the information or services you have requested (such trusted agents and partners do not have the right to sell, rent or share your information with others); 

(c) in accordance with applicable law or legal process, including in response to police and law enforcement requests, court orders and similar legal processes;

(d) when Loquell in its sole discretion believes it is necessary to provide information to a third party in order to investigate, prevent or take action in respect of actual or suspected activities or circumstances that are illegal that could cause harm or that violate the TOU; and 

 (e) to your Registered Organisation or Registered Organisation Administrator upon their request. 

 Please note that your Registered Organisation and your Registered Organisation Administrator may have access to the information you provide to Loquell on the System

Loquell may sell, rent, share or otherwise provide non-personally identifiable statistics about its Users and their behaviour. Such information may include the number of downloads, types of services used, how many Users browse the System or log on daily, the pages visited, and the IP address of their computer (which may change from session to session and may be used to identify the User’s geographic location). This information is most often collected in aggregate form, and Loquell does not track this information in relation to Users individually, although IP addresses and User ID may be recorded in relation to purchases and downloads as part of our standard review and fraud prevention efforts. 

In addition, Loquell is required by applicable law to keep logs of User activity on the System for a period of time. Loquell will keep such logs in accordance with applicable law but does not use such logs for any other purpose, except in respect of User activity on the Private System where it is necessary to retain the logs in order to be able to validate technical processes and commercial transactions. 

6. Protection of Others’ Information 

If you possess any confidential information or trade secrets of a third party, then you must not disclose such information on or via the System unless you have the express authorisation of such third party owner. Such disclosure without express authorisation is strictly prohibited by the TOU. 

Version: 08-DEC-2022